Back In Black – AC/DC

Back In Black is the sixth album by an Australian hard rock band AC/DC. It was released in July 1980 and was the first AC/DC album recorded without their former lead singer Bon Scott, who died in February the same year. Back In Black was dedicated to him. Brian Johnson was hired as their new lead singer and lyricist for this album.

Album’s all-black cover was a ‘sign of mourning’ to honour Bon Scott according to Angus Young, the lead guitarist of the band. Their record label, Atlantic Records did not agree with the cover, but finally accepted if the band put a grey outline around the AC/DC logo; otherwise that cover would have been totally black and Atlantic was worried that it might affect negatively to the sales.

Black In Black TshirtThe simplified album design has since become an icon among hard rock fans all over the world. It is featured on T shirts, caps and other merchandise extensively. Especially the T shirts have helped to coin the famous saying: “I wear black until I can find something darker.”

Back In Black has sold over 50 million copies worldwide, making it tied for second highest-selling album of all time, the highest-selling album by a band (together with Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon), the best-selling hard rock album of all-time, and the best-selling album ever released by an Australian musical act. Take that Bee Gees!

After its release Back In Black stayed on the Billboard chart for 131 weeks, but surprisingly enough never reached the top spot; it did reach number one in Australia and the United Kingdom however.


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