Hot Rats – Frank Zappa

Hot Rats, released in 1969 is the second solo album by an american guitarist and composer Frank Zappa. The album was dedicated to Zappa’s new-born son Dweezil and it featured only six songs from which five were instrumental.

Hot Rats was the first Frank Zappa album recorded on 16-track equipment and one of the first rock/jazz albums ever to use that technology.

Miss Christine

Miss Christine

The album cover photo was shot by Andee Cohen Nathanson utilizing a psychedelic infrared photography technique. The cover featured Miss Christine Frka freakishly peeking out of an empty lily pond at the infamous Errol Flynn Estate in Hollywood Hills.

Christine Frka was originally hired as a nanny for Frank Zappa’s children Dweezil and Moon Unit (yes, those are their real names) but she was also a member of the notorious Sunset Strip groupie group GTO with Pamela Des Barres.

Miss Christine died of a heroin overdose in 1972 shortly after she had spent close to a year in a full body cast to correct her crooked spine. She was 23 years of age.

Hot Rats reached position 173 on Billboard in the pop albums category.

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