Bluesbrakers - John Mayall with Eric Clapton

Blues Breakers – John Mayall with Eric Clapton

Blues Breakers is a 1966 British blues album masterminded by John Mayall. The legendary album features a new guitar phenomenon, Eric Clapton – hence it’s titled ‘with Eric Clapton‘.

Blues Breakers album is also sometimes called ‘Beano’ because Clapton was reading a British children’s comic book called The Beano in the cover photograph.

The album was recorded at Decca Studios in London during March 1966. The band on this album includes John Mayall on piano and vocals, John McVie on bass, Hughie Flint on drums and Eric Clapton on guitar.

'Clapton is God' -graffiti, Islington, LondonAs Eric Clapton was becoming one of the most influential guitar players in the world the famous ‘Clapton is God‘ -graffitis started to appear in London. It was originally spray painted on a wall of an underground train station in Islington, a small borough in east London. The Clapton catch phrase then began to appear in other areas of the city as well.

Blues Breakers was ranked at number 195 on Rolling Stone magazine’s list (2003) of the 500 greatest albums of all time.


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