Going For The One by Yes

Going For the One – Yes

Going for the One, released in 1977 is the eighth studio album by the UK progressive super group Yes. The album marks the return of their original keyboard wizard, Rick Wakeman to replace the Swizz born Patrick Moraz, who in turn was his replacement after the troublesome Tales From the Topographic Oceans album.

After many successive album covers with Roger Dean, Yes contacted Storm Thorgerson’s and Aubrey Powell’s design group Hipgnosis (then famous for their Pink Floyd album covers) to create artwork for their new album, Going for the One. The album cover features the facades of the Century Plaza Towers in Los Angeles, also known as the Twin Towers.


Going for the One reached No. 1 on the UK charts remaining there for 21 weeks in the top-40. The album even had a surprise Top 10 hit single with “Wondrous Stories”. This was something that would have been considered impossible during the days of Tales from Topographic Oceans, which was quite a non-commercial, yet ambitious production.

Going for the One is generally regarded as one of Yes’s finest, and often, most underrated albums. It was recorded at the Mountain Studios (then located in Montreaux) by recording engineers John Timperley and David Richards.


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