Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother

Atom Heart Mother – Pink Floyd

Atom Heart Mother, released in 1970 is the fifth studio album by Pink Floyd. Recorded at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London it reached number one in the UK and number 55 in the US. Later Atom Heart Mother went gold the US 1994.

Full Cover

Atom Heart Mother by Pink Floyd - Full cover

The original album cover shows just one cow standing in a pasture with no text or reference to the band at all. This concept was Pink Floyd’s reaction to the psychedelic imagery associated with the band at the time. The same album (no) labeling idea was later used by Led Zeppelin on their multi platinum selling Led Zeppelin IV as well as Houses Of The Holy.

Inside cover

Atom Heart Mother by Pink Floyd - Inside cover

Andy Warhol Cow Wallpaper

The creator of this famous cover, Storm Thorgenson from Hipgnosis, was inspired by Andy Warhol’s famous Cow Wallpaper. Storm simply drove out to a typical rural area near Potter’s Barn in UK and photographed the first cow he saw.

The cow in question is called LuluBelle according to her owner.

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