Snow Goose - Camel

Snow Goose – Camel

Camel’s third album, Music Inspired by The Snow Goose, or Snow Goose for short, was released in less than a year after their critically acclaimed Mirage album in the spring of 1975.  The Snow Goose is an instrumental concept album inspired by a short story of the same name by an American novelist  Paul Gallico. Gallico’s Snow Goose tells a story about a disabled English painter named Rhayader living in a remote lighthouse  in Essex who nurses a wounded snow goose back to health.

Camel 1975 - Andy Latimer, Peter Bardens, Andy Ward, Doug Ferguson

The cover design for Snow Goose was designed by an elusive Liverpool based design company Modula founded by Steve Hardstaff and Pete Fulwell. Modula also did covers for bands such as Fleetwood Mac, Curved Air and Strawbs.

Snow Goose was recorded at Island Studios in London and it was the ultimate breakthrough album for Camel launching them into global attention in the prog rock scene specifically in UK, Europe and Japan.

English classical composer and conductor David Bedford with the help of The London Symphony Orchestra was hired to write the highly evocative orchestral arrangements for the album; hence the Snow Goose is now widely considered as one of the founding masterpieces of symphonic rock.

The album reached number 22 in UK album chart no. 162 in the US Billboard chart.

Snow Goose Video Excerpts

Here’s a nice mini collage of Snow Goose, Friendship and Rhayader Goes To Town recorded at BBC studios in late 1975.

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